New agent training is broken as of 2.128.1

I got some friends to make accounts before the update and the training went fine pre-update. now post update the people who make a new account don't go through training and are stuck as a res agent.

to test this I used my alt email to make a new account and I found that you can't force the training through settings.

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  • Thank you; investigating.

  • We've shipped a fix for new players going forward. For your friends' on new accounts who completed the training before this fix, they should see Faction choice happen when they reach Level 4 (70,000 AP).

    Additionally, we have a new version of the New Agent Training coming after all players have upgraded to the latest Ingress 2.128 release, which should happen by the end of this week.

  • I have tested the fix and have confirmed that it works for new agents.

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