Portal not accessible because it is next to Russian border

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It has been a known thing since Ingress was disabled in Russia but recently the portal was started to be abused. There is an island next to Russian border in Estonia, on this island there is a church that has been an anchor portal for both of the factions. It was on ENL hands when the Ingress got disabled in RF. Ingress cannot be accessed on the island since it is probably under the "blanket" that NIA used to disable the access to the Russian Federation.

Google map link to the church, portal coordinates are the same: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//58.382042,27.51606/@58.3820218,27.5110266,16z?entry=ttu

I see this as a bug because it is unintentionally blocked location by NIA. I'd like to see this part of the "Russian ban blanket" removed but it would be OK if the portal would just be neutralized, since we can go there but can't neutralize it our self.

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  • This clearly seems to be due to Russian geoblock which does not follow the national boundaries very accurately. We had many similar cases in Finland close to Russian border.

    The whole Piiri island should definately be accessible in Ingress (and other games), I hope Niantic fixes the geoblock boundaries to follow the national boundaries at this area.

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