It's way too easy to accidentally purchase resonators with CMU

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I accidentally bought 100 resonators by just spam clicking the area where deploy is. The Buy button lines up perfectly with the buy resonators button. I want my 9500 CMU back!

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @M1chaeI! To help you better, please submit a via in-app support. One of our team members will take a closer look.

    That being said, when you make a purchase you will get a confirmation pop-up before the payment is made. Which was clicked in this case. Also, it seems like the screen size is reduced somehow in the video. Which could've reduced the UI as a whole. Please play the game with the original screen resolution at least while making purchases.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Do let us know if you need help with anything else.

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    Oldschool runescape 😁

  • M1chaeIM1chaeI ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for your answer @NianticVK. It made me feel like I am a consumer of a business that just wants my money.

    First of all, "Please play the game with the original screen resolution at least while making purchases." makes me feel like the entire point of the post was missed. I never intended to make a purchase, but due to 1. the button for buying a resonator pack was way too close to the deploy button and 2. the confirmation of the purchase lining up perfectly with the purchase button, the purchase was made accidentally.

    Second of all, "Hope this helps! :)" feels like a very sarcastic comment after my first point and to me it felt like it added to a sense of insult to injury after the comment in my first point.

    Third of all, I do appreciate the first line you wrote. I have reached out to support and I hope they will refund the CMU.

    Lastly, I think I would have appreciated some more empathy. Something like "We feel sorry that you were able to make an accidental purchase" would have gone a long way.

    In any case, I have no idea if you have to write these responses to align to some guidelines or that you have some creative freedom in how you write your responses. In the case you have to align to some guidelines, I understand your business-correct response. It's not the response I would've wanted, but the one the company found I deserved.

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    Be happy you got a response from Niantic here.

    You still present a special use case as I believe you are using a foldable. Quite a difference from using split screen functionality. Maybe Niantic could do something if you could provide some specifics with the display in Ingress. For instance, I've seen people able to rotate the display to show horizontal for a bigger screen than normal.

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    If you play in the normal resolution/aspect does those buttons still line up. If yes, its a Niantic issue. If no, then it's a user case issue. If user case issue, then Niantic can decide if they want to spend dev hours/cycles on fixing it. If it is a Niantic issue, it's something they need to fix overall.

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