2 portals in Exeter keep forgetting I've scanned.

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There are 2 portals that repeatedly "forget" that I've scanned them. And when I DO scan them, I don't get a Scout Controller +1, as I've already scanned them.

The first one is called "Wonford hospital map". And there is another portal called "Wonford hospital map" which is a completely different portal and is at a different entrance to the hospital. It is always the same one that "forgets".

The second one is called "DanSci". This portal was legitimately moved.

Is it possible that Scout Controller is actually linked to names rather than GPS location? I'd say no as there are 2 portals called "Boundary Stone Heavitree Parish" and regardless of who is the current Scout Controller, the game recognises I've been the Scout Controller and so doesn't keep showing the yellow circle when showing uncontrolled scout thingies.

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