October 2023 Second Sunday

Members of the Second Sunday TG group enjoyed Second Sunday, sharing their experiences, photographs, places visited, refreshments consumed and missions completed. 

Within the group optional stats competition, 52 agents (25 RES 💙and 27 ENL💚) walked a total of 524 km and completed 487 unique missions, earning 13,198,114 AP and recharging 26,367,414 XM. Significantly less XM was recharged this month, compared with previous months, probably because First Saturday was only the day before. 79 kinetic capsules were completed and 205 portal scans uploaded, most of them by one agent. 4 agents levelled up, including one agent who recursed.

The additional fun food stat competition drew 27 entries.

52 agents explored new places for Second Sunday, visiting 1,599 unique portals.

RES 💙 25 Agents, 7,430,442 AP, 10,636,278 XM Recharged, 240 km, 258 unique missions.

ENL 💚 27 Agents, 5,767,672 AP, 15,731,136 XM Recharged, 284 km, 229 unique missions.

There was minimal interaction with Machina, which has returned only recently. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences of Second Sunday - we look forward to next month.


  • GargishGargish ✭✭✭

    Awesome, always fun to do Second Sunday in this virtual group!

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