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I had an issue with an apex well over a month ago, and the "fix" was to give me the apex back, but my account was compromised. The account was taken down for several days without explanation. When it was return as "fixed" my account AP was in the negatives, my level was incorrect all the keys were gone, all the lockers and caps were gone, all the premium items and other gear was gone. When I reported that my account was screwed up, they fixed the AP and level but never fixed the rest of the account.

I've had 5 tickets about this issue out and about since this whole debacle started and still haven't had progress since my account was "fixed". All reps have been silent and no higher ups have contacted me. I'm frankly beyond angry at this point, and so is the community. If you aren't going to fix my account I'd like my money back or the means to fix the account on my own.

To see how my account has been compromised and not fixed: I reinstall the game and log in, see the 2000 bursters and missing gear/keys. Then check all communication avenues to see if anyone from Ingress or Niantic has responded.

What I expected to happen: add apex and then remove 2000 or so AP from the account or "use" some free items to "gain" the offset AP.

What I got: 2000 bursters in place of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars of keys and gear removed from my account.

Samsung A23 Android 5G most recent ingress update, as I recently redownload it after weeks of not playing.

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  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear this,

    However there is nothing Niantic will do via the forums.

    You could try pinging Brian, Thia or Masa via Twitter, but no guarantees.

    In thus day and age, multi factor authentication should be standard, if you haven't enabled it.

    The Microsoft Authenticator app enables a secure method for your MFA needs

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭
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    @NianticBrian @ace Someone needs to step up and correct this agent's account. They've been asking for quite some time now. I'm sure someone at Ingress cares enough to resolve their agent's issue.

    Adding @NianticThia for another set of eyes. Hopefully someone can take some time out of their day to dig in and resolve this for the agent overall.

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  • FinalBoss10FinalBoss10 ✭✭
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    They emailed me the other morning and said they had no record of what was in the account prior to this mess and added some CMU to replace any gear that was lost and for lockers.

    They put about $50 of CMU into my account to cover the lost gear and keys. Perspective: one of the hack bundles for 19000 CMU gives 15 rare heat sink and 5 rare multi hacks. In order to get the amount of VR gear back in just multihacks I'd need about 30 of those hack bundles and walk a ton of k caps.

    Keys: I had keys to a bunch of water access only portals and I don't have a boat. I also had keys from all over the place: Cuba, France, and Canada to name a few.

    That's hot garbage.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    seems weird they cant restore account how it was before hijack

  • Yup. How hard is it to record any information on an account? A few camera photos? Some paper and pen?

    Also, how long this process is just dragging out. This is pathetic.

  • Still nothing new. It's been a month since last communication.

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