We have gained another anomaly

But anyway..... Will there be any awards for the Illuminated this time? Any exclusive medals? Exclusive items? exclusive hacks? Increase in item drops?

Something to reward the winning faction?



  • @NianticBrian @NianticThia @NianticOfficial Is there any plan to reward the faction that won the last anomaly? Maybe an exclusive medal?

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    no they are changing the rules with a global challenge (lol) so res got a 1.3x bonus

  • Typically when Enlightened push for a reward, we end up getting negged.

    "Yay the Enlightened won, there are no more ADAs!"

    "Yay the Resistance won, here's a permanent badge for your profile."

    "Yay the Enlightened won, XM will not spawn any more."

    It makes you not want to ask for a "reward" any more.

  • Shooters42Shooters42 ✭✭✭
    edited September 28

    I agree that a medal/bonus/malus for the winning/losing faction will make more agents want to move. For Osiris it was announced. I would be happy to see the same announcement for 2024. I would also add removing the recharge that gives the medal, or giving a different one for site agents and support.

    Osiris was annouced : https://storage.googleapis.com/ingress-internal-event-data/abaddon-prime/ING_Abaddon-Rules.pdf

    PS: Nia also thought about Lore

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