Charleston - GoRuck - Missing Badges

I will start off by saying that I participated in GoRuck Stealth and Urban at the Recent (Aug 19) Charleston, WV Anomaly.

Our team (Res) had a strong outpouring of agents for both Stealth, Urban, and OCF. Some agents have yet to receive badges for Stealth (one person), Urban, and OCF (most missing).

All (RES) agents had their QR codes scanned

It was made aware to NIA that we were missing all badges still about 2.5-3 weeks post Anomaly. NIA was able to retrieve some information for Stealth and Urban. While NIA needed to get in touch with GoRuck about OCF. This lead to the Stealth badges being pushed after about 3 weeks for most agents (RES). The OCF took a little longer, NIA received some info from GoRuck and pushed those badges. But that information was incomplete.

The run around currently is that NIA points to GoRuck for the missing information while GoRuck simply will not respond. We were given a contact at GoRuck, and 24 hours later still no response.

My purpose of this post is to highlight the disconnect that can occur between two entities. Right now, there is no path forward for those agents who took it on themselves to participate in an event that they understood would get them an in game badge. There needs to be more communication about these events and what's expected of the participants from NIA.

Hopefully we can get this sorted out, but it's going to be a thorn in the side of those who participated and did not receive credit.



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