Kobe Anomaly Meetup Q&A (September 17, 2023)

mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

Q1. In order to continue providing Ingress as a service, I think it is necessary to increase revenue. What measures do you have?

(Brian) More agents should join CORE, which is a subscription service. I think profits will increase if we can provide what users want, so we want to be inspired by our users.

(Kawashima) John Hanke loves Ingress more than anyone else in the company, but in order to continue operating it, it is necessary to continue generating profits.

I think it is important to increase the number of users first. He has been having a lot of discussions about this.

We want to lower the barrier for new users to play.

It is also possible to reinstate the Recruiter Medal.

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