anybody STO players or am i the only agent there is avaliable for STO

Hey just throwing it out there i was wondering if anyone from either faction is a STO player because i feel like im the ony one in the Ingress communtiy who plays Star Trek Online if so can you add me on STO




  • I've wondered the same, been playing STO for 10+ years. I'm a lone wolf, don't really socialize so I don't know where I would "add" you. Good to know I'm not alone though.

    Live long and prosper. 🖖

  • add me on discord and i'll show you .ursa12

  • Oh, yeah I don't have discord... or is it "I'm not on discord"

    I do use Telegram, but I only use it for Ingress. @phx420 is my nickname there.

  • well you should make the switch most ingress agents like me use discord so if i can you should use discord

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