Machina Overture


Subjects: PxA (Identified: TSUKASA, AKIRA), PxB (Identified: BOGDANOVICH, DEVRA)

Transcript Begins

PxA: I hope security didn't give you too much trouble. They can be overzealous.

PxB; Understatement of the year. Why am I here? Why couldn't we do this over VC?

PxA: Your theoretical paper on harmonic communication in viruses. It provided a cornerstone I needed to pinpoint a frequency based attack on Machina Portals.

PxB: Frequency based? Akira, look, your expertise in XM Resonance is nothing short of groundbreaking. If I can bring theory to your tech, that's amazing. What do you need?

PxA: Ah, you misunderstand. I already did it. Please observe.

PxB: Is that… Tchaikovsky?

PxA: I needed a payload wrapper. I chose something I don't mind hearing a lot.

PxB: I don't believe it. The effects are immediate. Drastic. Akira! I'm stunned.

PxA: Thank you. But I do have concerns. There's uncertainty about the long-term effects. Machina could adapt. We might even see shifts in its behavior.

PxB: I've thought about that as well. Viruses, by their nature, mutate. If Machina behaves like biological viruses, we may need to continuously update the approach.

PxA: Precisely. I also worry about unanticipated impacts on the Portals, or on Machina.

PxB: Science is the art of uncertainty. But given the imminent threat, we need to act. Collaboration will be key.

PxA: Yes, I can't do this without you. I need your theoretical mind working on how Machina may adapt. Maybe we can even figure out where it comes from.

PxB: Agreed. I've spent decades theorizing about this. You've brought it to life and given it purpose.

PxA: I'm going to leverage the XM spike from the Kobe Anomaly to distribute this attack throughout the entire network.

PxB: Machina's going to get an Overture it won't forget…

PxB: Sorry. Jetlagged. My sense of humor may improve once I've rested.

PxA: I hope so. That was really quite bad.

Transcript Ends

Notes: The SIGINT device …………… active for 16 days. References to …………… will need further investigation. Due to the nature of …………………… further analysis of …………………….. cannot be performed at this time.

(( Transcript from @NikaKor ))

(( Intel recovered from Media item: ))


  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Observations from various agents:

    "I said this in the research group.

    New Machina spawns (not growth from existing) was noted on August 23rd, which was 23 days ago.

    Assuming this Intel was only leaked after, the 16 days at bottom would line up."

    "Akira speaks of an Overture. The file is also named MachinaOverture. The Overture of Tchaikovsky is this:"

    "1812...1218...?" (regarding the Overture being called "Overture 1812")

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    An overture for the machina also makes no sense from what Devra said. (Akira didn't mention it first.)

    Looking at the history of 1812 Overture, the musical piece was a commemoration to Russia's victory over the French invasion of 1812 with Napoleon.

    Devra is perhaps looking at this as an actual war with machina? Or maybe because of the huge range of instruments where an actual cannon is used in the musical piece?

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