Machina vs new/recursed players suggestion

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Hi all,

I recently hit lvl16 and recursed, and oh my is it hard to get some lvl’s again with those machina portals around. Now since I prepared my local area for recursion I will manage to lvl up again.

But then I was like: how would any new player or a recursed player who did not prepare and don’t get any help from other agents manage to get anything done? Especially in rural area’s or/and when surrounded by red L8 portals. Resulting in new players quiting again.

Now I was thinking maybe new/recursed players should get a new item. Something like a “Cleanse” consumable. It would be used like a Jarvis/Ada on a Machina portal, consumes about 1000xm, “flips” the portal to neutral, does not provide any AP or dropped items.

If new/recursed players get something like 25 or 50 of these Cleanse items, together with a small amount of L1 cubes, they can clear out a small area to help them get started lvl-up.

Since medium/high lvl players have no problem destroying machina portals, I don’t think these items will give an “unfair advantage” to these players.


Something else might be to adjust machina’s lvl to the amount of links on that portal. So 1 link = L1, 2 links = L2, etc… 8 links or more = L8. And machina can’t connect to already connected portals, resulting eventually in dead end portals that are L1. Destroying a linked portal results is one less link for the connected portal, resulting a decrease in that portal lvl.

example: portal A has 3 links, portal B has 1 link connected to portal A.

this would mean that portal A is L3, and B L1. If player destroy portal B, resulting in one less link for portal A, A decreases to L2.

(If portal A got destroyed, portal B losing its only link, the portal would stay L1 until it can link to neutral portals again, rising its lvl corresponding to the amount of links it makes)

This would result in less L8 machina portals and more variety in lvls, making it a bit easier for lower lvl players taking down the lower lvl portals, as it stands now any machina portal will reach L8, which is just too hard to take down for a L1-3 player.

So what do you think about this? Good or bad? Let me know in the comments

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  • Makes people create masses of new accounts just to clear garbage.

  • I’m watching a player use Machina to quickly level up countless handbag accounts, it seems it’s working the other way for them.

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