September 2023 Second Sunday

Members of the Second Sunday TG group enjoyed Second Sunday, despite a mini heatwave or torrential rain in places, sharing photographs of their day, places visited and missions competed. Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, visiting 1,792 unique portals, also consuming much ice cream and cake!

Within the group, 46 agents (24 RES 💙and 22 ENL💚) walked a total of 462 km and completed 389 unique missions, earning 11,501,799 AP and recharging 46,369,325 XM. 99 kinetic capsules were completed and 113 portal scans were uploaded.

Agents engaged with Machina, neutralising 870 portals, destroying 7,202 resonators and 877 links. 742 machina portals were reclaimed. Overall, it was an enjoyable day.

RES 💙 24 Agents, 7,081,706 AP, 19,300,654 XM Recharged, 230 km, 222 unique missions.

ENL 💚 22 Agents, 4,420,493 AP, 27,068,671 XM Recharged, 232 km, 167 unique missions.

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences of Second Sunday - we look forward to next month.

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