The new scanning mechanic does not really work as intended


I was able to use the new portal scan feature when it got released. I'm not talking about not being able to scan it all, but

I need to explain my playstyle, so the rest of the story makes sense.

I do a lot of scans - for some reason I actually find it entertaining, also battleing for the scout controller or being the contributer which makes that portal overclockable (-> enough data for vps).

Untill last update I used the Niantic AR function to capture specific portals it works good on, for example murals (I didnt really work anything else to be honest). Everytime the NianticAR scan failed because of "to little meshes". (even though the portal was completly scanned with meshes, and the mesh in the UI looked good and complete)

If that happens I would have turned off NianticAR and did the base scan without NianticAR. This was probably 90% of all portals - NianticAR (Mesh Scan) has on really worked on about 10% of portals despite constantly tying.

Since the last update the "base scan" has been remoived all together and the NianticAR has been revamed to a more "Matrix Style". While I really like the new UI for that method, actual scanning as become almost impossible because of it. Here is why:

  • The scan check that has been added, which takes longer than the actual scan to complete
  • The scan check denys 90% of portal scans because of bad quality, eventhough scans were good
  • One scan increases the heat of the phone so much, that a 5-10 Minute break is needed between each scan
  • After doing scans the game seems to lag untill restarted

Am I the only experiencing the new scan feature so badly? It is so frustrating if you take 10 minutes time to scan a playground in different ways, but none will be accepted. Making the process painfully slow also does not add to that situation.

I also use the wayfarer beta app to submit data, but the wayfarer app gives the option to skip the result of the scan check. I think something like this is severly needed in ingress aswell. Also I would consider to add the checks for portal quality server side and not on the device itself. The device is already carring a high load, I don't think its smart to overload the device even more. This can be run more efficently on the server and would still attribute points to the scout medal in ingress.

Probably a reason why this change has been made, to combat "fake scans" which were easily possible before. I don't agree with the approach though, I would rather suggest to implement a cool down on scans when a high rate of bad scans were submitted by a specific player. Another option would be to temporaly enable a local scan check (which has to be used even on already saved scans, which havent been uploaded), instead of temproraly blocking the player from doing scans alltogether.

I would love to hear more opinions from the community on that subject.


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