Game won't load after Samsung UI update.

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Phone: Galaxy Z fold3 5G

One UI version 5.1.1

Android version: 13

Ingress version 2.123.2

This morning I did a drone hack and a regular hack and then ran a Samsung UI update.

Ingress now sticks in loading and, if left, gives an "Ingress requires a secure login. Please check your internet ..." message.

The issue is the same on both wifi and modile data.

I have tried clearing both cache and data without resolving the problem.

When I switched to my backup phone and loaded ingress it plays without problems on both wifi and data.

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  • Any other Galaxy Z fold3 5G Ingress players experiencing this, it sounds very serious, especially those who need to keep up their Ingress 24 hour player usage scores consistent???

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    Update: Fixed.

    In the end I did a complete factory reset on the phone.

    This fixed the issue and the phone now loads ingress (it also scans, though this wasn't the issue).

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