Ban Appeal for no reason

A good old friend of mine got a ban for 30 days, without any mail.

She received the first strike over a year ago, where she got a message ingame, but she could play. She didnt thought about that and now more than 1 year later she got ingame message, that she is banned for 30 days now, which means that is the second strike.

After that she ringed me and asked me to ask support whats wrong. We got an answer back, that it could be because of gps fake, and 2 other options, which I can not remember.

I know for sure, that she is not able to spoof and she also do not account sharing or anything like this.

I have seen a thread, that there is a bug with km adding without movement, which could count for nia as gps fake.

Now she is afraid to get the 3rd strike and game is gone, because she plays more than 6 years now.

So when you don't get an exact answer, what you did wrong, how can you fix it?

First of all I changed her google account password, to eliminate all possible failures. Do you have any other ideas?

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