Broken ingress account

So, towards the end of the double AP event I requested assistance on getting an apex replaced because of a glitch pulling a second one out of my inventory and giving me the time for one. Fast forward to the issue "being resolved."

August 15th, I get a DM from a friend and asks if I deleted my account. I said no and went to log in. I see a message about my item being returned, then the app force closed. Put in the credentials in the sign I'm process, then a screen popped up about agreeing to the terms and conditions. I read them and agreed, clicked on, then an error screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same pop ups happened. I reached out to a few other agents and they asked if my account was terminated, I said I didn't request it. So I put in as many things as I could to try and figure out what happened. Was I banned without notice? And for what? I don't spoof, don't bot, etc. Did Ingress terminate my account? If so, why? I was and had a core subscription active and nearing the next month's payment.

So, after all that and no immediate answer I waited. All things I had done: resos, mods, links all had been removed from the game, and wasn't able to be pinged. Me also knowing I was the only fighting to keep links up so Machina couldn't cross certain areas, knew everything was in serious and quick trouble.

The responses start coming in like, do you remember your name? Your sign in info? Etc. Yes. Can you reproduce this bug? Yes, every time. After those waves of responses over the first day or so, everything gets escalated to research/care teams, etc. So they can figure out what happened. Several more days go by with no answers, no successful log in, nothing. The day of my subscription renewal is here, no account to use. So I cancel. A couple more days of silence, I said whatever you've done is probably irreversible to fix at this point.

(8/26) I get an email saying my account is back up, and am excited to see if everything has been returned to what it was.

What I get (see attached images of gear and level). All resos and links not restored, my lockers emptied and gone, my capsules all missing including the items inside them, all my gear, my AP is in the negatives, my level is incorrect. Oh, but I now have 2000 bursters.... What did they do?

Update: a few days later my account gets "fixed" one empty key locker is added, a few caps and k caps are present, but also empty, I still have 2000 bursters, my level and AP have been fixed.

Still no answer as to what they did, still no full recovery of my account, still no restoration of resos, mods, and links before this happened. I feel like this isn't "fair" or "fun" experience violating their own model. I refuse to do anything in game until this is resolved, and also feel I should be compensated for this monumental **** up. Am I wrong?



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