Machina experiment has turned ingress into "Petrol vs Bots"

While I welcome experiments to the Ingress game mechanics, keeping the game alive and kicking, some changes are killing the soul of ingress.

Current machina installation is one of these failed experiments.

Personally I see ingress as a "explore, build, field" GPS game. And a field is the finest outcome of your ingame work, no matter the size. And before machina, the opponent you were fighting in your quest for fields, was other players. Sometimes yourself doing a bad link, sometimes players from own faction, blocking a field you planned, but primarily the other faction, blocking, ****, fielding. But alway other people, which led to the social game ingress evolved to.

The only "score" in ingress has alway been MU score in your cell, where you could measure your faction against the other faction

Now came machina. First experiment rendered cities, even countries unplayable, and Niantic wisely rebooted, invented new mechanics (no crosslinks etc) and this is the machina we are facing at the moment.

In my area of play (Which is Copenhagen, capital area of Denmark) and my spheres of interest (Denmark, southern Sweden) fielding have becom almost impossible. Machina i taking over. Casual fielding, small MU and big MU... has become a "petrol vs bot" game, where you need hours of repeated travel to clean machina, and it is now virtual impossible to do clearing longer than 10km before machina has re-blocked. And fighting local faction is now a game of leaving portale grey, so machina can do crazy blocking 24/7 (normal agents work, eat, sleep, machina doesnt).

I have lost the ingress feeling of playing against other players. I do my ingress on bike, and I cannot keep up against machina and do casual fielding on my daily commute any more. We also stopped doing big coordinated MU OPS that brought faction together, because machina kills hours of preparation with crazy linking 24/7.

Please Niantic. Lets try a new iteration on machina. Machina in its current version is overpowered, and agents are tired playing against bots.

Kind regards

Agent schatchaos, RES L16, Denmark


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