Version 2.123.1 crashing on cubot R19

Seems 2.123.1 crashes on start on my cubot R19. 2.122.2 works fine.

Phone: Cubot R19

Android: 9.0

Network: Wifi

Phone and ingress Language: German (I'll give the english terms below)

Starting like:

  • shows black screen with white niantic logo
  • shows ingress prime logo ('headphones recommended')
  • shows moving triangle in the upper right (that was in the middle of the screen on 2.122.2)
  • 'Ingress was ended'

I already tried:

  • clearing cache
  • clearing app data
  • tried another cubot R19 (don't have another supported phone atm)

to no avail.

Removing 2.123.1 and reinstalling the apk from 2.122.2 works around it. The older version starts and runs fine as far as I can see.

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Investigating · Last Updated

This issue is under investigation. For Agents experiencing this issue, when submitting a report, please include your device and software version. Thank you for reporting!



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