Two Common Kinetic Capsules prevents use of Rare Kinetic Capsules

While hacking for gear the night of 8-18-23 for gear for the Charleston WV CTRL anomaly, I ended up having two Common Kinetic Capsules.

After that I was prevented from starting any new Kinetic Capsules. I also did not receive any advancement on one that I already had running even though I walked more than 14 miles during the anomaly.

I have restarted the phone, hard started the phone, deleted the game and reinstalled it on several occasions and now the next day 150 miles from the anomaly site the problem persists.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. On Android version 13. My Ingress version that is installed after I reinstalled it several times is 2.122.2-b6cb21f2 I have no idea what it was when the glitch happened.

I attached screen shots of the 2 Common Kinetic Capsules and the error I get when I try to start a new program in an empty one. I only have 4 running currently.

Thank you.

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes the backend mucks up and duplicates a Capsule with the same ID. You'll need to open a support ticket as the Kcap needs to be removed manually. Head to and open a ticket under the Gameplay Help -> Kinetic Capsule Issue category. Keep the ID of the duplicated Capsules ready.

  • I tried that first before I reported a bug and there was no option under what I wanted to do. They were things like login problems or delete my account. I don't want that. Thanks though. This was my last option I could do and I recharge a lot and I really need my Kinetics to work to make HC.

  • Apparently this bug report thing is for us agents to be able to help each other out and nothing to do with NIA. Does anyone have some instructions on how to tell them directly? I've been on this all day today and probably 6 hours yesterday during the anomaly. Getting a lil frustrated.

  • I need to get my Kinetics running Hypercubes again. That's all I do with them because I charge a lot.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    The bug reports on the forums are for reporting bugs that affect everyone, such as missing textures, broken features and so on. If there's a problem specific to an account, such as a duplicate Kinetic Capsule, a support ticket is needed.

    Is your phone in a language that is not English, by chance? If so, try opening this link, it should point towards the English support website:

    The options I mentioned above are only visible on the English support website, for... reasons.

  • Apparently this problem is kinda common. It has it's own section in the support chat selections. Took an hour to figure out how to use the support chat and less than a half hour to get the extra one deleted. All is good.

  • I can't mark this resolved. If one of y'all with the power could do it, I'd appreciate it.

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