A dictatorship of a select few who don't care about our opinion.

GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

 I like our game. But I do not like the way it organizes the interaction within the factions. Both green and blue have the chosen ones who can do everything and the rest of the players who must obey the chosen ones unquestioningly. You can’t ask unnecessary questions to the chosen ones, because, alas, you can be kicked out of the chat, and sometimes even out of the faction. Questioning the authority of this "noble people" should also not be, for the same reason. The opinion of the chosen one is the law, even if this opinion is contrary to common sense.

  Undercover battles often take place between such important people, there is a frank humiliation or removal (from the base of trusted agents) of certain individual players in order to maintain such an important status for a certain person in the structure of enlightenment or resistance. Lies, vile nasty things and all that are often used.

  And the worst thing is, very often, a few people consider themselves so important that they have the right to decide for all the agents of the faction, and sometimes even all the agents of the game, how to play and what to do.

  Sometimes agents stop playing after they become familiar with this phenomenon. They are taken to the local community, added to the official telegram chat, and immediately explained the rules of the game in style: do not go there, do not do that, and coordinate each case with the authorities. It only takes to one agent, God forbid, to cover the whole region without the consent of the "crowned person", so wild cries and removal of this agent from all chats immediately begin. Stupid bosses are not everywhere but in many places.

  Let's consider a specific case, with the box we all know in which Brian gave information about the shapers.

  There is a chat for deciphering all kinds of game riddles. There are people in this chat who know what happened to that box. At first it turned out that no one gave the box to anyone, then it turned out that the agents of enlightenment had had the box for a long time, but you wait, soon everything can be shown to you. I had only to ask why there is a delay in the publication of materials, and raise the topic of this ill-fated box, because more than half a year has already passed, as the chat admin banned me.

  No, think about it. The whole faction, including me and thousands of other people, went to victory to find out the truth, for which we have been fighting for about 10 years. Many of us, myself included, have contributed to the latest anomalies. But as a result, they were left with nothing, because the "representatives of the elite" decided that it would be better for them. I asked for at least an official confirmation for the news telegrams of the channels that the information was passed on to the agents of enlightenment by brian. But in response, I was culturally sent to ... And when I asked to announce the reason for the delay in issuing information, and expressed suspicion about the ongoing events, I was simply removed from both chats.

  Several or even one person has the right to decide for the entire faction. Don't you think it's wild?

  How many decent players quit the game because one or more inept people familiar with the self-proclaimed leadership of a faction of a certain country just started spreading lies or slander? I have seen cases where a player in the area was not allowed to make a single worthwhile portal, just because the bosses of the faction ordered so. This player was an absolutely adequate and friendly person, despite the assurances of the players from his faction that he was a complete ****. No, many players often tell me that you can play alone, but I often saw how at any event, at this player, who went against inadequacy, meanness, nastiness, many people pointed the finger and said that he was a traitor, a pervert, and so on. After such actions on the part of certain players, you can forget about cooperation with the faction, any business where you need to work with several agents will be unavailable for such a player, each new agent knows that he has "problems" with his head, and in general it is better not to approach him. This is how people leave the game, due to the fact that there is no adequate interaction structure in some places for agents of either one or both factions at once. In many places, toxicity and self-importance are overstated.

  Sometimes it seems to me that it's time to introduce a third playable faction, the gray one, which will be against everyone. All those who are not satisfied with the local self-proclaimed government will gladly go there. Something like that. No, I am devoted to enlightenment and my friends, but many agents would find solace in such a solution to their problem.



  • VenomousToadVenomousToad ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'd sign up to be in the red faction. Scores and team gameplay hasn't been a thing for many years locally. I've been playing mostly solo for a very long time. The game needs more players. I see more backpacks being leveled up than actual players. Especially with this double ap thing. The game isn't balanced anyway. Bring on a third faction. That would be interesting.

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    How can we guarantee that a third faction's hierarchy won't end up like the other factions? It's human nature that some players want to be alpha males or females, worse control freaks out there. Just play as sigmas, and enjoy the game without drama or toxicity.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Why is this a new topic?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    This one likely got tossed into the Moderation queue at first and so a different, longer one got posted, successfully. And now this one got processed.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, the forum duplicated the topic after I changed the title.

    Still, let's get back to the question. There is a concrete precedent. Niantic gave the box and valuable information to a group of agents. And despite the fact that all the agents of the faction participated in achieving the goal, these few people are in no hurry to share information, constantly coming up with new absurd reasons for this. I understand that someone acted as the organizers of the anomaly, but there were other people who delivered the keys around the world, who collected support groups, and much more.

    So why such injustice and our community is silent?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    Kind of along the same point, how do you know the 'box' ever existed? Anomaly descriptions means nothing. There was never even a modicum of info released, much less a confirmation it even existed. To me that more strongly suggests it never existed instead of being compartmentalized.

    The Intel that was passed to the ENL POC for that anomaly was probably just related to the next anomaly (eg, shard target Portals or spawn points) and not the storyline.

    And anyone saying they have seen the Intel was likely trolling you. You are not bring targeted, you are not being kept in the dark by a 'dictatorship'. The plain and simple answer is that you've construed a massive conspiracy in your head where none actually exists.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's been 8 months and if this lore piece was important, we would know about it. I know you're going to hide under the "lore is important" umbrella but you have only been thinking about yourself on this.

  • Cl4whammerCl4whammer ✭✭✭

    And people wonder why new players dont stay :D

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you understand that this is a matter of principle? Brian made a promise to reveal the information. Then this information was passed on to several agents of enlightenment, who were supposed to distribute it to everyone else. But what do we have? And we have nothing. The information is stuck in one place, I won't say which one. The agents who helped win the anomaly in the hope of discovering the truth have been sent to all four sides by individuals who claim to be the ones who have the right to decide what to do with this information. We chose these people for the position and gave them the authority to judge whether we need this information or not? No, we didn't give them that right. Nevertheless, these people consider themselves smarter than all the agents of the faction. And if the community does not understand that it is necessary to stop every "arbiter of fate" with an exorbitantly inflated sense of self-importance in time, then unfortunately it will die out in the near future.

    In my city, the resistance community collapsed, one person who was the administrator of the regional chat began to remove all those who were objectionable for the slightest disagreement, as a result of which only one local active agent remained in our region.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    While I am in the structure of enlightenment, I cannot disclose the sources of information. I am persistent and know how to get information. Therefore, I know for sure that the box was handed over to agents. And yes, it does have plot information. But there are those who have their own plans for this information, I don’t know. Maybe they want to sell it, or single-handedly possess valuable information. About how Gollum wanted to have a gold ring.

     Therefore, I would like the administration of the game to intervene in this matter and restore justice.

     Let me remind you that many players of our faction fought for the victory necessary to obtain information, and only a few players actually received the information.

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭

    That's absurd.

    I joined Ingress in 2018. Half a year later I organized my first OPS. It was with joints and many mistakes due to inexperience, but the guys from my team supported me and helped me.

    As a result, I spent after a lot of OPS, there were failures and victories. There were people we didn't get along with, no one is obliged to like each other just because they played the same game. But thanks to Ingress, I made a lot of friends that we are still friends with today, regardless of Ingress.

    We have a good community that is still alive today. Personally, I always supported newcomers and their endeavors.

    You were kicked out of our chat rooms before February 24, 2022 because you were annoying :).

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Man, it's not about who annoys whom, but about the very principle of interaction between players. One person annoys another. So what? Everyone is annoying. You annoy me, for example, but I treat you as a person and treat you with the understanding that you are different. You have a different brain structure, a different experience, a different culture, and so on. This is one approach. But there is a completely different approach when several "Old Believers" or even one person oppose innovations in the game. Or something even worse. Someone suggested making minefields in the game for additional protection of the portal? We will ban him, he is different, he is not like us. Someone suggested on the forum artillery to destroy hard-to-reach or inaccessible red portals? Give him dislikes and get nasty in the comments. Someone will raise once again the problem of the fact that the factions do not have a normal ideology and the game does not have a normal plot? A crowd of "wise guys" will surely come running who will accuse this person that he "does not play correctly".

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 18

    Everything is said correctly. You don't have to repeat this again, I myself know this very well. I, like the last i***t, have to must pester again and again, individual representatives of my faction, because a constructive dialogue with them is not possible. For each of my specific questions, there is a mountain of negativity, but not a specific intelligible answer worthy of a representative of the Human species. Here are the specific questions for which I got banned in the puzzle chat:

    1. If the box is received, why can't you provide at least an official statement from the agents who received it, well, about this? At least in Essex. For example, give a screenshot of the box there, or at least some kind of proof.

    2. Why hasn't the box been opened in these 8 months? What is the reason? Why didn't they give the information at least with the removed pass codes, or at least hold a short briefing and tell the situation in general terms?

    Well? Which of you smart people will give me the answers?

    What about criticism of me? I am ready to listen to it from people who are ready for a constructive dialogue, without undercover games, and can answer clearly posed questions.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    What I was talking about, there is not a single intelligible answer, but two comments with a negative.

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭

    Просто смысла нет отвечать)

    Ты все равно не слушаешь, а включаешь свою пластину по кругу.

    В Ингрессе есть счет на МЮ, он прописан в сканере, лучшие игроки так же в самом сканере указаны исходя из количества МЮ, которое они принесли своей фракции. Сама идея игры изначально - контроль территорий. Ты помогаешь своей команде выигрывать счёт? Нет. Ты презираешь такие поля и такие инициативы, но при этом требуешь сюжета. Сюжет - поля, а не красная шняга, дроны и прочая мишура.

    Ты жалуешься на отсутствие игроков, но в твоем городе явно есть другие игроки обеих фракций, активные игроки, а вот хотя бы один портал, занятый тобою, хрен найдешь. Ты больше ноешь на форуме, нежели что-то делаешь действительно полезное для своей фракции и для своей команды в твоем городе.

    Тебе не дали коробку с инфой? А ты вносил существенный вклад в аномалию, что бы ее получить? Ездил в поля? Участвовал в речардж-руме, фармил и передавал ключи, ездил за этими ключами? Вряд ли. Для чего она тебе вообще, эта коробка? Любопытство свое удовлетворить? Извиняй, но я бы тоже не дала. Ты не выглядишь надежным человеком, который 100% не отдаст ее противнику. И не выглядишь человеком, который 100% использует ее на благо команды.

    Вот тебе пример:

    Раньше был ежемесячный ивент, в котором Круг называл один из глифов, а агенты этот глиф рисовали в виде ФА. Наша команда выиграла один раз, и нам дали жирный хороший код на 20 использований. Этот код до сих пор не до конца использован. Я его давала другим агентам во время замесов на ОПРЦ, когда у тех заканчивался стафф. Если его же вывалить всем, то просто 20 самых ушлых себе кодик сыспользуют и расстреляют потом подученное из автобуса, и он закончится, а так больше трех лет прошло, а он еще сослужить нам сможет.

    Чем тебе хоть кто-то из энл обязан вообще и почему хоть кто-то должен тебе что-то давать?

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 23

    Мы перешли на русский? Ок, я тебе отвечу на русском. Я люблю в ингресс сюжет, тактику и стратегию, а не тупое рисование треугольников. Да я участвовал во многих речардж румах, да я помогал своей фракции. Но я, как и множество ушедших геймеров вижу во что скатилась игра. Ингресс превратился в инструмент для сканирования с игровым полудохлым придатком. Где исправление ошибок? Где качественный перевод на русский язык? Я неоднократно предлагал Браяну заняться этим делом и даже предлагал свою помощ в качестве русскоязычного переводчика. И есть еще множество всяких проблем которые надо было бы решить.

    Новички прийдя в нашу игру не понимают зачем им прокачивать уровень выше 8-го?

    Где оборудование для 9 уровня и выше? Почему его нет до сих пор?

    Для чего захватывать территорию?

    Вот как я им объясню логически? Шейперов нет, наша фракция занимается чем? А хрен знает чем, идеологии у нас нету. Рисуем поля чисто для цифры в статистике цикла. А есть смысл рисовать, если в городе остался один полудохлый смурф?

    Почему территорию нельзя захватить и удерживать?

    То, что делается 8-ю игроками легко рушится одним игроком. Как я это объясню с точки зрения логики? Во время сражений солдаты делают район труднопроходимым для врага, делают защитные сооружения и линии обороны. А тут что? Бессмысленный захват территории без возможности сложной тактической защиты? Уж не похоже ли это на бред? ингресс можно было бы сделать великой игрой уровня шахмат, но увы это игра уровня крестики нолики.

    Почему человек тратит на уничтожение одного портала 4 уровня больше 250 ультрастрайков и бурстеров и не может при этом снести ни одного резонатора? Как у определенных агентов накапливается почти бесконечный запас оружия 8 уровня и очень редких модификаторов, несмотря на то что в городе нет ни одного портала 8 уровня?

    Вот честно, как я проясню им за читеров? К тому порталу не ходи, ты его не снесешь, к другому порталу не лезь, и будь готов что твой портал с 4 щитами снесут за 2 секунды. Это норма?

    Я не смог удержать ни одного новичка в игре, им тупо либо становилось не интересно рисовать треугольники день за днем, либо они видели глюки, читеров и всё такое прочее. А ты говоришь так будто в игре всё зашибись.

    Да я хочу эту трижды проклятую коробку. Я хочу чтоб все кто принимали участие в последних аномалиях и вносили свой вклад получили эту информацию. Потому что так будет справедливо.

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭

    Да мне впадлу просто переводить это, английского не знаю, привет гугл-переводчик, и не вижу смысла переводить это все для человека, которых разговаривает на том же языке, что и я :))

    Как покуизм ниантика в проблемах читерства и сюжета относится к этой теме?

    Да, оно есть, мало того в Москве игра уже была парализованна именно из-за вертов, которых создавали постоянно, новые акки, что бы вредить энлайтам. Масштабы вертолетства были громадными, тут дохрена тем было, было дохрена жалоб. И что? Мусолить одно и тоже? Ныть и ничего не делать?

    Решали как могли это дерьмо, потом ниантики ввели ссылки под полями, и стало понятно, что накрытий больше не будет, из-за читаков.

    Да, ингресс скатился в задницу, и смотря на эту игру сейчас со стороны, я в общем-то даже немного рада, что тут его больше нет.

    И по теме сюжета. В шахматах его тоже нет, но люди играют. Людям нравится противодействовать, кто кого переиграет, а сюжет - это красивое дополнение просто.

    Но это все не в теме ветки.

    Вот что конкретно ты сделал для организации аномалии? Привез в свой город ключи, раздал их агентам и РР организовал? Собирал стафф и передавал тем, кто едет непосредственно на аномалию? Мб скидывался агентам, которые везут эти ключи для остальных, на билеты? Что конкретно ты сделал существенного? Что за вклад-то?

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Я был главный по сюжету, всегда растолковывал ради чего мы бьемся и тд, участвовал в речардже каждый раз когда этого требовала фракция. Даже после операции, которую я недавно перенес, я готов был скинуться деньгами за поездку за ключами, и чарджить не выходя из палаты, жаль в наш город не доехали ключи. Так что тут ко мне претензий нет.

  • joecainjoecain ✭✭✭✭✭


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