[Fixed] Known Issue: Faction Selection after Recursion

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Update 11/3: This should be resolved with the ING 1.128 release.

There is a known issue with selecting faction after Recursion and the team is working to resolve this as quickly as possible and recommends waiting to recurse until we are able to resolve it.

If you have already recursed and were unable to switch Factions, you can contact support for assistance. Faction switching as a result of this bug will not count towards the one-time faction change exception if done within 48 hours of recursion.

If you have not yet recursed and would still like to do so prior to the bug being fixed in hopes to switch Faction, so far, we have seen some success with the following steps:

  1. Hit level 16
  2. Restart the Scanner
  3. Recurse
  4. If no Faction choice after recurse, try restarting the Scanner again before doing any actions generate AP

These steps do not guarantee that faction choice will appear properly but they may in some instances. If it doesn't work, submit a ticket as noted above.

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This should be resolved with the ING 1.128 release.


  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just for clarification, if an Agent opens a ticket due to this issue, are they still hit with the penalties of a faction change via support, or are they just switched from faction A to faction B without touching the rest of the profile? ("If a faction change request is accepted, that player’s Portals, live Resonators, and inventory items (i.e. XMPs, Resonators, Keys, etc) will be lost, and the player will be returned to Level 1 with 0AP.")

  • Given the situation has been ongoing for some time, IMO the 48 hours should not apply for those impacted by this before this post. Instead a deadline for faction reset request should be set for those who were impacted by this bug and will want to change factions.

    Also it doesn't make sense for the agent to lose their inventory due to a bug in the game

  • Has anyone that reached out to Niantic received an answer in the 48 hours period? I reached out on Friday and have not had the issue fixed yet. 3:49 cst time is my 48 period as to when I recursed. So just thought I’d ask if anyone else has had help in the matter or not.

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    Just got a response about 3 hours ago a little over 48 hours of waiting not fully resolved.

    However a little disappointing some progress is welcomed.

    Update finally resolved shame I missed out on the 1.5 days of the event would of been able to level up a bit easier

  • I recursed a few months ago, at which time the select faction screen did not appear. The screen suddenly appeared on 13 August, despite the fact that I am currently at level 10. I had been on the Enl faction for many years, but a wrong choice a few days ago put me on the Res.

  • I submitted a ticket to talk to support about it. I needed to make the faction change for a trip I'm about to take and the animation skipped. Enlightened was self selected with no possibility of change. I hope this does not end in a loss of my payment items (key capsules) and my items in general

  • Same problem for me, recursion with no faction choice screen (yesterday the 08/29/2023)

    I sent a ticket but got the automatic reply proposing to reset completely my account...

    Why lose my stats and inventory? I wanted to recurse TO CHANGE FACTION. No way I wanted to reset everything.

  • I just recursed and hit this bug. So I thought I would just request a faction change, but it appears that if I approve the faction change via email reply that I lose all my stuff. I am a founder (beta participant) in Ingress, I have items and keys that I have accumulated that have both monetary and sentimental value that I do not want to lose in the normal faction change. Has anyone accepted the faction change or gotten official clarification that we will NOT lose our earned and purchased items

  • aRmothinaaRmothina ✭✭
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    Update: I just received this Niantic Support Chat message, that I replied to. I will update with the resolution here when complete so as to clarify it for all:


    Hello Agent,

    We understand that you did not get the option to choose the Faction after Recursion. As per the rules, we will not be changing the Faction manually if you have failed to choose the Faction after Recursing. As one time exception, we'll manually change the Faction. Please confirm the Faction which you wish to change, we will try to do the needful on your account.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • I'm happy to report that Support fixed the faction for me. Below is my final message from them and I opened my scanner and see the correct faction and all my items and gear are there. It only took about 2 hours to get this resolved through the support chat in game help. Great work Niantic Support !! Thanks!



    In response to your request, your faction change is now complete.

    Feel free to write to us for any queries you have, we are happy to help!



  • I recursed today after 4 hours window, there were NO faction selection screen and automatically reset my AG level from 16 to 1, without changing the faction. 

    Now I’m still resistance but I want to be an enlightened. 

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