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I have been flying my drone around north (NE/NW) of London for the last 8 to10 weeks. And then this happened about an hour ago. My Drone is now isolated, that is out of range from any other portal. My only thought is that the portal I jumped from has been deleted, leaving me stranded with no where to go! Anyone got any ideas to keep me flying, other than recall. These screen shots show the N,E,S & W views. As you can see, I am now home in Adelaide Australia, 16,238km away. I'd love to be able to keep exploring over there with my drone.

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  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    The way Portals and nearby objects are loaded is by using a thing called "S2 cells". If even the edge of a Cell is touched by the radius of a certain distance (can't remember exact number) around your avatar, any Portals in that cell are loaded.

    Unfortunately it looks like the hop you made took you just barely outside of range to see the previous Portals. Unfortunately only recourse is to wait and pray a portal is added nearby, or Recall.

  • Yes, that or the portal I jumped from was removed. Guess it's a warning for others, make sure you have a couple of "escape" portals.

    Recall time.

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