Aren't banner images judged?

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We recently received a report that a mission was created in the United States using the war criminal flag.

The portal location where this mission was created is shown below.

Intel map links:,-97.256564

Replace the link to the description of the war crime used in the image in this banner with the Wikipedia description.

I've heard that many people aren't sure what the war crimes image in question means.

We know that the image is a mark used for war crimes, if not in the United States, then at least in East Asian countries.

We also know that the United States was directly affected by that war.

We believe that using this image as a mission banner could be offensive and cause discomfort to users visiting the region and people in other countries.

I have filed a complaint with Niantic about this mission image, but it hasn't been resolved, so I'm posting to the forum.

At the very least, I believe that the image should not be used if it contains images used in war crimes, or images that may be reminiscent of them.

PS. The image mark is the equivalent of the Hagenkreuz in East Asian countries.


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