July 2023 Second Sunday

LittleEgretLittleEgret ✭✭✭

Members of the Second Sunday TG group shared their experiences of Second Sunday, with photographs of places visited, missions completed, social gatherings and problem-solving. The sense of shared community experiences and support within the group meant that even agents doing missions on their own felt part of the global community of agents, all keen to complete missions and increment their Second Sunday badge.

Within the wider group, 58 agents (31 RES and 27 ENL) engaged in friendly competition, uploading stats to the bot created by DhrMekmek. These agents walked a total of 617 km and completed 492 unique missions, earning 16,231,005 AP and recharging 41,733,457 XM. 115 kinetic capsules were completed and an amazing 824 portal scans were uploaded, 402 scans from just three agents! Congratulations to the eight agents who levelled up.

Machina was very much in evidence, with stats showing a significant increase over last month. Agents neutralised 714 portals, destroying 5,852 resonators and 764 links. 615 machina portals were reclaimed.

RES 31 Agents, 9,416,574 AP, 20,502,949 XM Recharged, 324 km, 270 unique missions, 4 level ups.

ENL 27 Agents, 6,814,431 AP, 21,230,508 XM Recharged, 293 km, 222 unique missions, 4 level ups.

Total 58 Agents, 16.2M AP, 41.7M XM Recharged, 617 km, 492 unique missions, 8 level ups.

Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, visiting 1,397 unique portals. The enjoyment of missions was evident in the group: 14 agents completed more than the minimum of 6 missions for the badge increment, with 7 agents completing 18 or more missions.

Thank you to the mission creators who continue to provide new missions for us to undertake. We look forward to next month.

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