Key duplication was suspended, when will it come back?

DisturbinatorDisturbinator ✭✭✭

Dear peoples of the Niantics, at some point in time you have decommisioned the quantum capsules, and at that time you said it would return as functionality in the kinetic capsules.

I also heard that this functionality is not on the roadmap anymore. Which I think is a pity for our PITA portals.

I can understand it if your game is to discourage large fields, but then just say that.

For the BAF fielders the fun is gone, and I think both factions enjoy organising BAF's.

Can you clarify wether or not this key duplication will ever come back? #askingforalotoffriends.


Agent disturbinator


  • Would be awesome to get an equivalent in the kinectic Capsule Model, Thank you :)

  • The absence of a key multiplication method has severely damaged my enjoyment of the game. I would be more than happy to walk large distances but give us something please! I am so close to the 20xOnyx Illuminator….help the fanatic players out here 😉

  • Another vote for a kenetic cap that reproduces a specific key

    could a suggest a better way to prevent perms fields would be an ever accelerating decay rate for fields over a certain size . The decay would eventually be so fast recharging would be too expensive or just plain impossible

  • Fast420AFast420A ✭✭

    I agree. Bring back key duplication. Let us walk for keys with a good Kinetic program.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Niantic just went from "We're working on a replacement mechanic." and removing the "8 levels of challenges" for Level 8 Week

    Whatever focus they have right now is really concerning and worrying about key duplication is perhaps very minor compared to the lack of anything going on within the game.

  • Ki316Ki316 ✭✭

    I propose a 20km key cloning program and only 1 key can be cloned at a time. That way we can clone keys but at a much smaller rate than in the QC days

  • Kinetic capsules were WAY more useful than Quantum capsules. Not just for key duplication. For example, when you're stuck in a small town without other players it's near impossible to get Level 8 resonators. But if you puck some up while traveling you can put them in the Kinetic capsule and eventually make more. It's the best way to help people who play in more rural areas.

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