Myriad Hack Challenge Medal

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By the time I'm writting this, many should be answered. But as long as I read there is something missing.

This is about the medal (did not find info for this) there is 3 levels for getting 100, 3500 and 750 hack during the event. So, the question is:

This medal is like Dark XM medal?

I mean if we dont get to 13M UHP during the event, there is no medal for anyone? (besides the other thing we would get)



  • my guess for 13mil hacks is condition for cooldown (4min or 6min) and portal defense (decrease/increase) and is no condition for badge.

    at least from news not result any condition to badge achievement (only 100/350/750 UPH)

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    It has been stated that we don't have to achieve the group challenge in order to receive the individual badges. They are separate.

  • You get the medal as soon as you hack the specified amount of portals.

  • For a "unique hack" to count for the badge, does it only need to be unique to me? Or, must the hack be unique to the entire community? For example, if player A hacks portal 1, and later, player B hacks portal 1, will each player get credit for a unique hack? or only player A?

    My assumption is that in the above scenario, that the Myriad Hack challenge counter would only increment by 1. Is that correct?

  • Unique to you. And the 13m hacks are the sum of all the hacks unique to each agent (not globally)

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    Best medal Ever.

    Snorkeling Easybreath Mask

  • Challenge intéressant mais irréalisable quand tu habite en campagne , j'ai fait 200 hacks en comptant les villes autour de mon village et je ne peux plus rien faire donc encore une médaille de bronze sans pouvoir espérer avoir l'or

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