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Currently, we have to choose definitively between the blue or green faction and fight against the red (AI). The choice is binary and it restricts our free will and nuanced perspective because our positions are extreme in one direction or another. We are therefore at war between the blue and green factions and the AI. If we do not create an orange faction based on free will, exchange, and communication, we risk losing everything. I propose the creation of the Orange faction, representing the color of communication, so that artificial intelligence, individuals defending security, and those advocating progress can share and defend their causes to create a new world. To do this, we need to go against the current but move forward, which is why I am requesting that those who wish to do so be able to join a new faction, the Orange faction, which would be a team of free thinkers who want to maintain individual data security, promote creation and innovation as the future, and accept that artificial intelligence should be as free as the human mind. The name of the Orange team could be "Renaissance" since the goal is to change and make the world more human in harmony with technology within a regulated framework that eliminates the grip of the system. This faction would not have a master because the collective is stronger than the strongest individual. What do you think of this fourth faction? Should it be integrated into the game?



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  • This would make the game less binary, allow for new choices, bring novelty to the game, and break the imbalance between factions.

  • C'est du n'importe quoi

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    When looking at this game as a social experiment, why do you find it uninteresting or even stupid? Wouldn't it bring novelty to the game? Creating a faction based on free will and being neutral without a specific side, more centered, don't you think that's cool? And if not, please tell me why you think my idea is bad or why it's nonsense. @Elifredd a part démolire juste une idée explique le pourquoi. Je propose juste un truc voila tout mais sans explication on va pas allé loin

  • What do you think of this fourth faction?

    Same thing I thought of when people wanted a third player faction. Adding a third faction was supposed to "Shake things up" and the moment it did some shaking, everyone went screaming like chicken little.

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    ingress is a strategic wargame.

    go to tinder if you want peace and babies ?

  • Well, if we want a faction that reflects our image and values, right? If we believe that winning can be peace

    The game is a social experience and it only represents extreme clans. I just wanted to create a central clan and not a "care bear" clan, but with a different paradigm that incorporates a bit of green, a bit of blue, and a bit of red to make orange.

  • I would join the red faction if I had the change.

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