Wouldn't it be wise to have a multilingual forum for a game of such quality?

In order to promote the game and facilitate understanding of the rules and gameplay, especially with the involvement of artificial intelligence, would it be possible to make the forum multilingual so that language barriers are no longer an obstacle? For example, I speak French and I am learning English, but I still struggle with it. Considering the high quality of the game, I suggested this as an improvement. SincerelY

To improve the game and enhance user experience, it would be beneficial to implement the following enhancements:

1. Multilingual Forum: Introduce a multilingual forum to overcome language barriers and allow players from different linguistic backgrounds to communicate and share their experiences.

2. Language Support: Provide language support within the game itself, allowing players to select their preferred language for in-game text and instructions.

3. Translation Tools: Incorporate translation tools or features within the game, enabling players to easily translate messages, chats, and other in-game content.

By implementing these improvements, the game can become more inclusive and accessible to players worldwide, fostering a stronger and more diverse gaming community.

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