I can't reenable my CORE subcsription.

My subscription to CORE was cancelled on June 25, and the third day in a line I can't renew it. Trying to buy the CORE, I see Manage banner in the store, it just pulls me to Google Play, where is now subscriptions at all, no payments made in April and May as well are seen in the history. (Surely i do have my bank receipts for those payments in archive).

And yep, I can buy tokens in the store - just made a test purchase.

Please, just let me give you my money for 500 items cap

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  • Hi @DollyStrikeBack it looks like Google Play Store has put your subscription into a pending state, which may have happened if they were unable to process your payment. I see your later CMU purchase did go through, thank you for your support, and I'm going to see if I can force a refresh from our end. Can you check to see if you're able to renew or re-subscribe to C.O.R.E. via the in-game Store if you restart the Ingress app?

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