Glyph Hack button not working 1st time

The first time I use the Glyph Hack button it doesn't work. Select portal (while in range or in Dronenet) > tap and hold Hack button > extra menu appears > slide finger to Glyph button > release finger > nothing happens and the extra menu disappears. The 2nd time this exact sequence is done starting with tap and hold the Hack button it works correctly - the glyph hack screen appears normally. Can't tell if this is related, but also started seeing a delay (~1-2 sec) with player names appearing next to resonators when selecting a portal, and it feels that maybe if the names start appearing while you're in the middle of trying to press the Glyph Hack button it resets, and the 2nd time the names have already appeared so it works correctly. Issue happens about 50% of the time. Already got used to it and move my finger back to Hack button after releasing on Glyph Hack in anticipation of the issue. Issue started about 3-4 weeks ago. Android 11.

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