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Hi Niantic what is the idea of the Machica portal they are in the way everywhere for us to do our fields and iam not going to drive back and forth to clear to be able to create fields. I think that machina is a gigantic mistake and will cause a lot of us to eather stop playing or at least stop until you change it to be playable again

I have a suggestion please chance it so we can link through Machina links then you can spawn all you like, but its not in the way of us trying to do multiable fields.

cheers in advance

BR ENL Heldiros7

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    I agree! machina plays players who are solitary, Ingres is not a this! We're sick of all this red, may Nia consider more control over multiple accounts and fake players as support doesn't work! I also add that in big cities, where there are thousands of portals, the sop of linking 8 km below the field cannot be done because of the red link! looks like a joke to me...

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    not a bug, wrong post category

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    no, I simply said that thanks to fake account and machina, playing in big cities is too difficult

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