Myriad Hacking Event

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So i tried looking around and didn't find the info i was wanting. For the "unique hacks" does it need to be a new unique hack or is it a unique hack for the event? For example any portal i hack at the beginning of the event will it count for on?


Edit: any mod go ahead and close this found the answer

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  • You start with a clean slate. Any portal you hack during the event counts as unique the first time you hack it within the event time period. That's the way it's worked in previous challenges too.

  • RK45RK45 ✭✭

    i did around 75 hacks on the way to work but got nothing showing the progress of the badges, am i missing something? (recently came back into the game lol) not sure how these events work

  • I got a mail from [email protected]

    Subject: Agent LordCalf: Exclusive Passcode and New Ingress Events

    with a Passcode which was already redeemed, should i contact the support team ?

    Thx and BR LordCalf

  • Glad to see that Niantic is tweaking the medal checks

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