June 2023 Second Sunday

LittleEgretLittleEgret ✭✭✭

Members of the Second Sunday TG group shared their experiences of Second Sunday, with photographs from all over the world of places visited, mission banners completed, and social gatherings. There was celebration of badges earned and some troubleshooting discussion when an agent needed to utilise drift in order to complete a mission. In the UK many agents enjoyed being out in the warm weather, although it was a bit too hot for some, and it being the UK, at least one agent was drenched through by a passing shower.

A total of 60 agents in the group (30 RES and 30 ENL) engaged in friendly competition, uploading stats to the bot created by DhrMekmek. These agents walked a total of 611 km and completed 629 unique missions, earning 18.1M AP and recharging 46.6 million XM. 169 kinetic capsules were completed and 536 portal scans were uploaded.

The overall level of activity reflected in the stats showed a rise from the previous month. Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, with an outstanding 1,384 unique portals visited. 16 agents completed more than the minimum of six missions for the badge increment; two agents completed 60 missions each!

With Machina on the rise again, agents engaged with the red faction, neutralising 272 portals, destroying 2243 resonators and 310 links. 258 red portals were reclaimed.

Congratulations to the four agents who levelled up and the agent who recursed on Second Sunday.


RES 30 Agents, 10.8M AP, 23.2 XM Recharged, 333 km, 341 unique missions

ENL 30 Agents, 7.3M AP, 23.4 XM Recharged, 278 km, 288 unique missions

Total 60 Agents, 18.1M AP, 46.6M XM Recharged, 611 km, 629 unique missions

There has been much speculation about the nature of the changes coming to the format of Second Sunday, with a sense of expectation tinged with slight trepidation. We look forward to next month.

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