Myriad Hack Challenge (July 11 - 22)

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What do Nemesis want? We don’t fully know yet. Someone or something named Myriad seems to be focusing on the Portal Network in potentially destructive ways. Agents, we need your help to research and report what may be happening. To do this, we are asking that all Agents hack as many unique Portals as possible between July 11th at 5pm UTC and July 22nd at 5pm UTC. 

We will be measuring Unique Portal Hacks (UPH) during this eleven day window. If a Portal was hacked the day before the event started, then hacked during the event, it would still count as a UPH for this challenge. 

By July 22nd 5pm UTC, Agents must meet a global challenge threshold of 13,000,000 unique hacks combined (the sum of all Agent individual UPH) in order for us to better understand what is happening. We have also created a Myriad Global Challenge Status Report which can be viewed here,, and will be updated every 12 hours according to the schedule in the report. 

If the objective is met, the hack cooldown window timeout will be decreased from 5 minutes to 4 minutes from July 29th at 5pm UTC to August 7th at 5pm and the Portal attack-back strength when hacking or attacking an opposing faction Portal will also be decreased. If unsuccessful, the hack cooldown will increase to 6 minutes and Portal attack-back strength when hacking or attacking an opposing faction Portal will also be increased. 

If the global challenge threshold is achieved successfully, there will also be a limited time reward from August 1st at 5pm UTC to August 5th at 5pm UTC that will enable Agents to deploy two L7 & L8 resonators and four L5 & L6 resonators on every Portal. 

An individual scanner achievement medal can also be earned if players successfully perform 100, 350, or 750 total unique hacks during the event. There will be a new event metric enabled in scanners for the duration of the event to track how many unique hacks you have during this challenge.

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