_-_`Machina`_-_......What in the world......

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A new badge, yay!

You are telling me that ALL those annoying red portals I destroyed won't be counted towards that badge? Sade day. Prior to this announcement about the new badge, I have "eradicated" -_`Machina`_- from my area. It has been about two weeks since I have seen a red portal. Leaving me to travel over 20 miles to destroy no more than 30 red portals. From what I have gathered from the forums, the portal base for -_`Machina`_- is dwindling. Do you think we will see a resurgence of red portals where agents have "eradicated" this menace? It seems that the early aggression against this unknown "AI" enemy has drove it to extinction. Will -_`Machina`_- come back stronger?

To tie this into the anime....

XM is grey, right? Dark XM is depicted as red, correct? We see that being exposed to this dark XM causes pain, and prolonged exposure is ****. Could this explain why the this "Machina" drains our scanner and potently disables it? The only group I have seen in power of the Dark XM is Hulong Corp. Now mind you, this is in the anime. From my history in the game, I cannot remember any other group being in power of Dark XM (Been around since year two). Feel free to weigh in on the history of Dark XM. Could this lead to a potential anomaly series pitting us against this Dark XM?


  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    The server side of Machina has been massively overhauled.

    As stated by the Reclaimer Badge announcement, we can expyin the the future Machina can be dialed up and down for events.

    We do not know much about the origins of Machina.

    It is all speculation.

    One could even speculate that Machina is the XM extra-dimensional entities that are unhappy with how corporal enitires have been interfacing with their dimension.

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