The machine generation algorithm is still not working as it should.

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I understand that many of you have already eaten your fill of red portals, but in my small town, a machine has been a real rarity all this time. She is still a rare guest on our streets. In neighboring cities where almost no one plays, red portals appear (and then with great reluctance they grow there). And in our city, for some kind of coincidence, the machine does not want to develop and appear at all.,25.594857&z=15

We have a lot of gray portals and a lot of places without borders, but the machine never showed up. And last time when the machine appeared in our city, it did not want to develop at all. What is this? A breakdown in the algorithms for the emergence of the red fraction? Uneven distribution of machine portals on the map? Or how? Sometimes it seems to me that the machine algorithm needs specific refinement and scaling. Please, Niantic, let us residents of small towns play with the machine, and also make it more aggressive where only 2-3 red portals could appear in a week before.

And I ask you, please make sure that the machine is always present, at least in small quantities in every city. Make it a full-fledged third faction in the game, which will provide an opportunity to return interest to the game in cities. And remove from it all those restrictions that it has now. Let her also play like a normal full-fledged player. This will bring back interest in the game in small towns where there are almost no players left.

And once again I ask you to fix the algorithm for the appearance of the machine, in some cities it appears too often and in other cities it almost never appears.

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