Portals decay very fast in a day with no alerts or activities of attack to the portals

Hi, my area portals decayed at a very fast rate in a day without alerts or activities to alert me of any attacks. I recharged all portals around my house area to the maximum in most of the morning every day or the night before, but very strange things happened - by the next night time when I get home, a lot of my portals r reduced to less than half or even lower or very close to zero. Some days r ok, the decaying rate is only a bit. Some days r not, the decaying rate is a lot.

It's very puzzling n frustrating how fast the decaying rate of my portals around my area can happened in a day. Strange, without alerts of attacks - no alerts or activities of attacks to alert me, even though i stay here, touch all the portals soamy times n had at least 3 or more portal keys to each portals all around. Strange.

Please help me. Thank you very much.

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