May 2023 Second Sunday

Agents from all over the world in the Second Sunday Telegram group shared their experiences of Second Sunday, with lovely photographs of places visited, missions completed, food/drink and social gatherings.

A total of 62 agents in the group (31 RES and 31 ENL) engaged in friendly competition, uploading stats to the bot created by DhrMekmek. These agents walked a total of 577 km and completed 522 unique missions, earning 13.5M AP and recharging 39.3 million XM. 162 kinetic capsules were completed and 524 portal scans uploaded. Congratulations to the two agents who levelled up.


RES 31 Agents, 9,716,915 AP, 22,530,548 XM Recharged, 390 km, 348 unique missions

ENL 31 Agents, 3,802,889 AP, 16,819,228 XM Recharged, 187 km, 174 unique missions

Total 62 Agents, 13.5M AP, 39.3M XM Recharged, 577 km, 522 unique missions.

Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, with an amazing 1,104 unique portals visited. 17 agents completed more than the minimum of six missions for the badge increment.

We look forward to June’s Second Sunday.

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