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GoonieGuyGoonieGuy ✭✭✭
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We're always recruiting more agents for the academy! Weekly Ingress Podcast talking about the latest Ingress news and community happenings. We love getting ideas on how to improve ingress and discuss them each episode as well. You can find us on all itunes, google play, spotify, youtube, twitch, etc. Join the Academy today!



  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    Love the podcast! Makes my Tuesday morning fielding in the AZ heat so much more enjoyable!

  • HonestElHonestEl ✭✭✭

    I used to watch quite a lot. But sadly I work every Monday, so I'd never be able to catch the podcast live anymore.

    Glad to see y'all are still around.

  • 1grub1grub ✭✭

    Great informative and entertaining podcast. Earn badges, put your Ingress ideas up. Highly recommended.

  • Best podcast ever.

  • Haha. I already listen. I've been contemplating you're guys' mentions about wanting a resistance agent on the show. Connect with me if y'all are serious about those mentions.

  • Love the podcast! Great resource for new agents and great water cooler talk for the old timers still kicking around ;)

  • K205K205 ✭✭

    Zelibeli is hilarious! Love what you and Gonnieguy are doing. Can't wait to hear from you guys again. Shout out to S0h0 and I too would like to see a shootout between S0h0 and Zeli.😉

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