Fix Help Chat, please.

So I tried getting help from the in-game Support by asking them to do something about a known cheater (obvious multiple accounts player), I know that one is my mistake, because Niantic clearly do not want to do anything about this problem generally...

But the state of the Help function is worrying. Remy the Retarded will auto-close inquiries without sending you to the promised elusive "Human Team" that is mentioned. It took four attempts to get actual contact, and then there are NO in-game notifications to tell players that there has been a reply in the support conversation, which is just idiotic, because players will have to regularly and manually enter the whole Help section to check, and often too, or the conversation will be closed because Niantic thinks you were too slow to answer... Well, I caught them. But the team were very reluctant to answer anything at all, and just generally very vague, using their beloved automated replies, and clearly did not properly read what I had taken the time and effort to address them with. Example: I clearly and specifically requested in-game notifications for updates in Help, they answered something about battle notifications.

Even trying to start a post here in the forum is a challenge: Do I want to Report a bug, or do I want to Report a bug? Uhmm... Just what...?

I can't help but think, at least now they're being honest about just filing requests directly in the dumpster. But this is crazy, honestly.

Fix your product.

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  • Also, it might be a good addition to display an actual question for the Yes/No selection. That one confused me a couple of times and I have chosen the "wrong" reply because I did not know what the question was.

  • Type Skip to activate Remy who will then send me a human? Ok when do I get the chance to Skip? It just goes on and on, this is so poorly made. It's embarrassing.

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