Two Common Kinetic Capsules

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Hi folks,

Experiencing a weird issue where I have two Kinetic Capsules appearing as Common. Is this intended behaviour? Did a quick browse and no similar issues appearing in forums, most of the time the capsules are broken.

I believe I've been using them beyond the 3-limit for Rare Kinetic Capsules, as I've been doing a Lot of walking in the lead up to Echo.

I've gone through Niantic Support in-app a few times, but because the capsules keep getting used, the capsule IDs keep changing. Also because the capsules are actually working, there may be issues with thinking two Common (reusable) kinetic capsules is normal?

IDs 8/05/2023: B16EAC1D & CA596B94 (Running Heat Sink and SBUL respectively) [Edited 8th March]

Environment: agent name: mada12

iPhone 12 mini, latest iOS, 16.4.1(a). Have also tried on a different phone

App reinstalled, no change in behaviour. Multiple network types used, N/A

Initial error message when trying to load a Rare Kinetic Capsule last week, since then no errors, just two Common Kinetic Capsules. The issue started while loading two capsules in quick succession in a low-network environment.

Thanks for your time!

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  • mada12mada12 ✭✭

    Updating this to closed.

    Talked to community manager at a recent anomaly, who passed it on to the support team; now only have one capsule. Editing tags to be resolved (If i can?)

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