Micro management is tedious and doesn't add to the game

Reduce inventory micro management, e.g. with a simple macro facility that would allow rules like "recycle L7 over 60, L4-6 over 20 and L1-3 over 0, starting from the low end, up to full XM bar" on a single button in inventory, or "recharge everything in this set of keys, automatically use cubes if necessary, leave 20 cubes". The micro management doesn't add to the game and makes it tedious.

I'd subscribe for this.



  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    ingress is all about manage your inventory always so adding that would take away reason

  • SegoraSegora ✭✭

    Granted, different people have different motivations. For me and the folks I hear from, Ingress is more about shared activity outside. Inventory management is considered just overhead. A not especially pleasant waste of time that distracts from the interesting parts of the game.

    Since resource constraints are critical for game balance, we couldn't solve the problem by just removing the item limit. However, de-emphasizing elements that consume more time than they add fun seems attractive. After all it's a game and is supposed to be fun. 🙂

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