Localization Selection in Ingress or the lack thereof

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I am starting with the fact that yes I know this is not the first post about this there have been other posts in nowadays the Archived App Feedback section or this post from 2020 that was closed in 2021


So here am I again asking if almost 5 years after the closed Beta / 4,5 years after Prime launched agents will ever be possible to

A) individually select the games language without having to change their phones language which was a feature readily available in v1 of the game (#featureparity)


B) ever be able to actually see how many MU my field created in the fully opened comm. I am not gonna attach picture for this one because the linked post has them already anyway.

27 months to fix a missing variable in localization strings? Seems like non English speaking countries are really irrelvant to Niantic. And it is only 27 months if one ignores that the game launched in October 2018 and since then if a agent whose phone language is not English was forced to use the Intel on their phone to properly check how many MU a field created.

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    With Android 13 and an ADB workaround I get an English Ingress on my German Phone, but that needs an additional Computer and some knowledge: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/177569

    But I would love to switch to English in Ingress on older Android devices too.

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    Buy an iPhone to be able to change locale per app ;-) (I wouldn't)

    +1 on the mu, need to make videos while fielding otherwise.

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    Does this feature work for Ingress with iOS? Because I heard that this don't work as well for the Ingress App.

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    It should be as a feature parity with Redacted.

    Okay,no working notification selector because minimal Android version is 8 now,and Android 8 has inbuilt notification selector (still unused sfx_notify asset in apk,but that's not a big problem).

    But language selection is (as mentioned above) only on Android 13 and should be activated to "all apps" from adb. A bit more than casual user should do to play game.

    Another way is xposed modifications but i don't like the way it works,feels much more dangerous than rooting. And ofc Nia don't support that. And again too much tricks for one game.

    I wonder how many Agents use both iPhone AND Android 13,and how many haven't ability to switch language.

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    Android 13 has this feature but Ingress isn't compatible. At least not on my S22 Ultra. (to be fair, the list of apps on my phone that support this currently is pretty short to begin with)

    Apart from possibly making languagues selectable, they also need to just straight up fix localisation. As that's the main reason I want to play this game in English. It looks like trash in Dutch.

    There's evidently time for niché features like splitting advanture sync km's into catagories but they can't fix localisation gui issues that have been around for half a decade.

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