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  1. History Page - To allow OPR members to review their past assessments.
  2. Nominations Queue Number - Display the figures in Hometown / Bonus Location that needs assessments. Value to be updated during checkpoint.
  3. Redefine Hometown and Bonus Location - Hometown location strictly applies to the choice of country OPR member selected. Bonus location applies to any country of choice. Reason: There are situations whereby OPR members are not in good position to judge the culture significance of a neighbouring country, or to read the language. Some may point out that OPR members can choose to skip portals, but that will probably lead to cooldown activation.
  4. Bonus Location Bond - Scrap the one year bond, or reduce to weekly bond.
  5. Recruitment Page - With reference to point (3), should there be a location that OPR isnt moving, it will be updated into the page. OPR members can switch to the Bonus Location for assistance.
  6. Auto Rejection - An Portal submission that has not received alignment after 3 months will be auto rejected.

Just my 2cents opinions.


  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    I am intrigued by number 2 but I doubt we would get that feature since it might be possible for someone to abuse the feature.

    I don't think most reviewers want that extra clutter for the history of their past reviews (referencing to number 1) however it's also very interesting data that I don't think Niantic will publish again. They want OPR to remain as anonymous as possible since communities have and will try to game the system so the less information on how it works is probably in their best interest.

    Bonus Locations do need to be tweaked, I'm of the mind to want more since I never get bonus location candidates even when I hit the no more portals to review page even though I review a lot of candidates.

    I don't agree with the auto rejection. I don't like waiting for months on a candidate but my local area was 6 to 8 months normal review time until upgrades came out. However because candidates took so long to get approved, I had to become a lot more critical of my own submissions so they don't have a chance of failure in the system. Due to that fact, I have a very high approval ratio for candidates since I submit 14 candidates every week still and almost always get the candidates approved for anything I submitted after a certain time period.

  • I specially like section 1 because of a suggestion I made about allowing community to create a completely detailed OPR manual.

    About score, I'd just remove it, why is even there, I don't quite understand, wouldn't it be more useful to show a number of how many available reviews a player have remaining? There was a time when this was limited on a daily basis and knowing the number would have been useful at the time: if I can estimate based on how much time I have, perhaps I could try to fill gaps more often.

    Let me know your thoughts, I really don't know the score use!

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Number 3, Redefine Hometown and Bonus Location, Country is too large depending on where you're from. Places like the USA or Australia would have people be reviewing areas no where near where they are and have have so much in their queue they'd never be reviewing anything local. Unless you meant they shouldn't be reviewing portals from other countries, in which case that's a good point.

    For Number 6, Auto Rejection. Just not the best idea. So many portals in so many areas take so long to review due to lack of reviewers that auto-rejecting anything after that short of time would mean some places would never get portals.

    One feature I'd like to see in OPR is, Portal Tracking, where you can have a list of the portals you've submitted, where they were submitted, and possibly how far along they are in the reviewing process. Not only would it give motivation for submitters to gain access to OPR.

    Maybe the features and benefits can scale with your OPR Recon Badge. Like at Bronze you get your Portal Tracking Nomination List. Silver and Gold, you get more bells and whistles for the list. (Like Nomination Locations and review status). Onyx could be receive CMU for agreements. Or a reduced agreements per upgrade scale depending on your badge.

  • PsychoX23PsychoX23 ✭✭
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    I like the idea for #1, and have thought about it myself. But I keep the e-mails in folders on my account, so that works fine.

    As for #6, Auto Reject, I'd rather just have the ability to delete my own nominations. There are some that someone already submitted and got accepted that are just wasting voters time now as well as my upgrades, as well as nominations I know will fail based on past reviews, and some that I realize might get accepted, but are to close to current portals. I have one of those upgraded now and I just want it to be done with already, it's to close to a current portal, it won't work, but it's been there since June.

    I also have 2 right now that I'd like to delete. I had resubmitted them because I knew I needed to do a better job, and those new submissions are the one's that got accepted, but now the old ones with lousy pictures are still sitting in the system waiting to be rejected as duplicates.

    Another feature I'd like to see as well is nomination tracking. I don't need to see the numbers, we'll never have that, but telling me 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% done would be beneficial without revealing the amount of votes it takes.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    I also have always thought the opposite be true too, when you run out of submissions to review it expands your review radius this would also help get rural areas reviewed.

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    My Hometown only gives me portals within the 9 cell grid around the selected hometown location. It is not country based at all. Being Australia, it probably is a good show of how the Hometown is cell based. For a European hometown, those 9 cells may encompass half a dozen countries, which is why you're seeing them. Same goes for Bonus area.

    I only see portals on a countrywide level based on my current play locations.

  • I will propose adjust the auto rejection that you talk about, since many areas has no reviewers and can take up almost for a year, it will be auto accept/reject depending in the votes it had

    if only two guys voted and was 5 stars by both... auto accept, if it was 1 star by both, it would be auto reject

    Ofc can even happen the same if it was 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 guys, or even 1?, all depend but after 3 months of waiting it should come with a resolution, and i even think 3 months is just too much of time, 1 month should be the max ammount of time for receive an answer

    There is no point to hold portals in the backlogs for months...even for years is just unreal

  • For number 3 - good idea, because now there is a lot of portals in my own language (I'm from Poland) which need to be reviewed since months (!) but i don't see them and I have to judge new portals from countries which are not even neighboring countries (Hungary), some of them are in foreign alphabet (Balorus, Ukraine, etc), that's riddiculus.

  • FysXFysX ✭✭✭

    Bonus Location Bond - Scrap the one year bond, or reduce to weekly bond.

    I would absolutely be willing to compromise on this. I almost feel like a week is too short, but a year is too long.

    That said, I generally don't care about my bonus location. I just want to review wherever. I think that the fact that there are bonus location megathreads on the /r/Ingress subreddit and here illustrate a bit of a broken concept -- just drop me in wherever I can be of the most help. I don't think I should have to micromanage my bonus location to help out areas with low reviewer counts, nor should I receive a semblance of a penalty for doing so.

    Perhaps a good merger of these concepts would be to clear the lock on a bonus location once a threshold is met, either a certain review count or the depletion of that area's queue.

  • Great list. I would add the chance to choose which portal submission we want to get priority. It would help a lot of rural players.

  • Auto reject is a terrible idea. However, I do believe there should be an auto-upgrade for portal submissions that have been in OPR for more than 3 months. Because it doesn't make sense that some areas have a turn-around of a month or two, while others are waiting for 6-12 months.

    Regarding the bonus location, yes please! I would like to help out Antartica (or any African country) for example, but being stuck in that location for a year makes zero sense.

    I would be against providing insight in the process of deciding what to do with a submission, since a lot of location/faction/opinion-based voting is happen already, which would only strengthen it.

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