April 2023 Second Sunday

April 2023 Second Sunday

Easter Second Sunday dawned bright and sunny for much of the UK. Agents from all over the world in the Second Sunday TG chat group shared their stories and some truly amazing photographs of places visited, missions completed, medals earned and experiences of the day. There was a sense of shared experience as well as some trouble-****.


Within the group 53 agents (28 RES and 25 ENL) engaged in friendly competition, uploading stats to the bot created by DhrMekmek. These agents walked 545 km and completed 508 unique missions, earning 12M AP and recharging 40 million XM. 153 kinetic capsules were completed.

RES 28 Agents, 5,052,576 AP, 23,934,448 XM Recharged, 270 km, 268 unique missions

ENL 25 Agents, 6,907,887 AP, 16,136,506 XM Recharged, 275 km, 240 unique missions

Total 53 Agents, 11,960,463 AP, 40,070,954 XM Recharged, 545 km, 508 unique missions

21 agents finished more than the minimum of six missions for the badge increment and agents explored new places, with 866 unique portals visited.

We look forward to next month’s Second Sunday and thank all the mission creators for their contributions.

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