Kinetic capsules not working at all

I'm actually unable to get things from my 8.0km kinetic capsules, and launch a new production process.

Normally a 8km should give me the produced items, and I should be able to launch a new production process within an empty capsule.

Here the details:

I have 2 green kinetic capsules which share the same ID: 36ED44B1 (screenshot 1)

When I try to get the content of 95D119F7 for example (screenshot 2), nothing happens, the screen remains very dark (screenshot 3).

After launching the production of an softbank-ultraling in capsule 6B61283F, I get a scanner communication error (screenshot 4).

All other functions like hacking, recharging etc seem to work correctly. Also I tried to switch the system language to english, which does not solve anything.

I already re-installed the app, but the problems remain.

My device is a POCO M4 Pro 5G with Android 12 SP1A.210812.016, connection WIFI.

Ingress app version 2.113.1

Everything was OK 2 days ago.

Please don't **** my 2 full blue capsules, they contain 2 Jarvis :o)

Thank you for your help.

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