Recursion count and earned AP incremented twice after a single recursion

Details are in the post above. I recursed yesterday and the count at the top shows +2 from before while my lifetime AP jumped by twice the amount I had earned since the last recursion.

Accidentally posted this in the wrong place at first.

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  • To add to info from the Telegram discussion:

    1. Recursion badge shows only 4 recursion, but profile shows Recursion (5)
    2. Lifetime AP went from about 225 million on April 10 to about 271 million on April 11, according to Agent Stats. Recursion was done in between the two uploads.

    It appears that what may have happened is that the AP during recursion is added to lifetime AP.

    Also adding this from the TG chat, in case it can provide more clarity:

    more details for mine, I had initiated the countdown the night before so it had been sitting at 0 for over 12 hours.

    when I hit the finalize button it returned to the profile, this happened several times.

    I then restarted the app and then it did that same thing once, then the second time dropped to the map and I was L1

  • Thanks for reaching out, @tehstone! We've shared it with the team and the dedicated team is investigating it. We'll share an update soon.

    Appreciate your patience!

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