When will the value of Recharger be updated?

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Recently, my Recharger achievement is approaching 100 million, so I want to charge the Recharger value to 100 million.

But I found a problem: after charging, the value of Recharger may not be updated.

As shown in the picture above, I counted nearly 100 times of charging, the green is the actual value I calculated, and the blue is the value displayed by the Recharger. It can be found that the blue is basically lagging behind the green (the two values ​​will become the same after the Recharger is updated). And I didn't find the regularity of Recharger update.

Now the value of my Recharger has reached 99999300 (the displayed value of Recharger has just been updated, and it is now equal to my calculated value), according to my plan, charging seven resonators of a first-level potal can make up 100 million target. But Recharger may not be updated by then, which is the most critical.

What is the value update rule of Recharger? How many times do I have to charge in order to achieve the goal of 100 million?


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