Agents in Bristol, UK?

Looking for fellow agents (ideally, but not necessarily Resistance) in the general South Bristol area, UK.

I've been playing for almost a decade, but would be great to get to know some of the others playing in my area.


  • YouLostAStarYouLostAStar ✭✭✭

    I’ve passed this on to the local Resistance and Enlightened teams. Looking at Intel you are near another Blue but he said they don’t really do much for socials so your best chance is probably talking to the local greens since they regularly meet

  • YouLostAStarYouLostAStar ✭✭✭

    If you have Telegram that’s the easiest way I can put you in contact with anyone

  • n3uraln3ural ✭✭

    Hi hi, yes as @YouLostAStar said, we're all on telegram so that's going to be the easiest way to contact. You're welcome to join the Bristol ENL for one of our social events. If you can ping @n3ural on telegram,I can let you know when our next meetup is arranged 😎👍

  • Ah thanks guys. Yeah I remember from back in the earlier days when I was playing, Blue in this area really didn't have much of a social scene going, but greens were regularly having meetups.

    Looks like things haven't changed much haha.

    Thanks N3ural, I'll ping you a message on Telegram :)

  • philbellphilbell ✭✭

    Hello ! Trying to find you some local RES agents but in the meantime if you get on to telegram there are some UK wide groups we can get you involved in 👍 find me @Phillybell on telegram

  • Thanks guys, I'm @ByteSlinger on Telegram

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